Park Adventures

A Castle In Paris, Full of Splendor

Exploring one of the prettiest Disneyland castles, from inside and out.

If you frequent Disney you don’t need to ask yourself often, “Have you ever seen something so full of splendor?” because everything is imagineered to perfection. All things considered, the castle is Disneyland Paris is one for the ages.  It’s the yummiest, most delicate, and still iconic with the millennial pink and baby blues.

Facetune (2)


Resting high atop the grassy plans, at the end of Main Street, you will find Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

Unlike all other Disney park castles, this one is engulfed with grassy fields leading up the sides of the castle. There is also a beautiful bridge leading into the castle, as the all have, but with its own touch of Parisian flair.


I couldn’t be more enamored with this castle – it’s as if they took the beauty of the city of light and everything beautiful about the French countryside then sprinkled a touch of pixie-dust to create the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

If you thought it was gorgeous walking up to the castle, the inside is just as breathtaking. Stained glass windows, just as you see in  Notre-Dame and Sainte Chappelle while touring Paris, fill the inside walls of the castle for a beautiful scenery and also in Disney style, tells a magnificent story.


Watch yourself, if you venture too far below the castle grounds you may find yourself face to face with a dragon.  But fear not, as the sun sets the castle comes to life glowing vibrantly and triumphing over Maleficent, ensuring peace and beauty across the kingdom.  Ahhhh….I just LOVE a happy ending.



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