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Pixar Pier Perfection

All the faves from the new spot in Disney California Adventure featuring your Pixar friends.

Disney Pixar Pier Blasting off this Summer

Pixar is a huge part of Disney’s film success at the box office. So it only makes sense they should be properly repped in the parks. With the recent announcement of the ever increasingly unpopular Bugs Land’s closure, the former Paradise Pier is a perfect fit for this fantastic new theming – as well as the headquarters for this summer’s Pixar Fest!

Check out all the upgraded rides and exclusive snacks at the new home to Woody and friends in Disney’s California Adventure:

Lamplight Lounge Menu
Drink to the theme of your Pixar favorite’s at Disney California Adventure’s Lamplight Lounge.

Pixar Pier has become a magnificent location to find some new Disney fan favorite treats such as the Plot Twist Martini and Jack Jack’s Cookie Nom-Noms. Complete with a candy store themed after Pixar’s Up, you’ll be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth in this colorful fantasy of our favorite films.

Disney California Adventure Senor Buzz Churros Caliente Churro
The tasty Caliente Churro from Disney California Adventure’s Senor Buzz Churros found exclusively at the Pixar Pier! Red Hot lovers rejoice.

Of all the treats, the surprising front-runner has become the Caliente Churro from Senor Buzz Churros. Disney’s beloved irresistible Churro dusted with a red hot candy crust packs a punch that will have you saying, “Ay dios mio!”

Meet n Greet at Disney California Adventure Pixar Fest with Edna
A star appearance by Edna Mode is always “fabulous darling.”

In addition to rides such as the Incredicoaster and Toy Story Midway Mania there are always characters to meet near each attraction. You can count on The Incredibles and Woody’s whole Round-Up. Meet and greets with lesser known friends such as Doug the Dog from Disney Pixar’s Up, along with Sadness and Joy from Disney Pixar’s Inside Out are easy to find and the lines are never too long for little ones.

Make sure to visit Pixar Pier during Pixar Fest before it flies away this Fall!

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