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How to Get to Disneyland Paris, From Paris

Take Paris with all its beauty then multiply it by Disney and you arrive at Disneyland Paris - one of the prettiest parks and castles you can feast your eyes upon. Now let's talk about getting to the park!
Skull Rock in Disneyland Paris' Adventureland
Neverland isn’t all the far from the Eiffel Tower!  Trade in the city of Paris for some serious Pixie Dust just a train ride away.

I cannot say enough about how beautiful Paris is, so I will enamor you with the details in my Travel section but this one is strictly for my Disney peeps trying to get to Disneyland Paris, while in Paris.

You’re going to need three things before you board the train to Disneyland Paris – an espresso and croissant from your favorite neighborhood cafe, and a ticket that gets you on the RER A Red line to Zone 5.

If you’re like me, and also reading this in English, then there is a HIGH likelihood you are coming from the States and will start your day off still jet lagged as an American traveler starts a day in Europe. Luckily for us, with the exception of our friends to the northwest in Seattle, our morning cup o’joe is somewhat weaker than what I have experienced in Europe.

So to get your day off right, and to be sure your mind is right to travel in a foreign territory’s city transportation, head down to neighborhood cafe. If you don’t know your local cafe, then have you read my blog to starting your first day in Paris – because you should know your cafe, patisserie, and fromagerie almost before checking in.

At your cafe, have yourself a Mad Tea & Espresso party.

Cafes Richard Mad Tea Party
Our own mad tea AND espresso party on the way to Disneyland Paris. Paris is so fancy, I love it!

Now let’s get to the good stuff. To get to Disneyland Paris, follow these steps with your refreshment and croissaint in hand. Use the line map image below for reference on your travels.


  1. Get your ticket for the RER A to Zone 5
    • THIS IS A DIFFERENT TICKET!! You most likely have a city pass through Paris, but those typically only get you to Zone 3. Disneyland Paris sits all the way out in Zone 5, which is a different ticket that costs a little extra.
      • Yes, the zone depth is listed on your ticket so you won’t be able to just flash a ticket to an officer checking either.
  2. AS NEEDED – Hop on your train that takes you to the stop that intersects with the RER A line (in red above)
    • This will not apply for all, but should your stop not sit on the RER A line then follow the map to jump on your line that take you to the RER A line.
    • Get off here and follow the maps that take you to the RER A Line to Chessy
  3. Take the train to RER A to Marne la Vallee-Chessy (Typically noted as Chessy)
    • You may be in the right direction, but the train forks to different locations, as shown in the map.
    • Get on the train the goes to Chessy – this will be noted on the front of the train as it arrives, and on the boards leading to the proper tunnel.
  4. Get off at Marne la Vallee-Chessy
    • Once you get off, follow the “Sortie” (exit) signs that include “Disney” or an icon on them that take you the exit nearest the park.
  5. Take an amazing photo of the hotel before entering the park! (NOT OPTIONAL!)


Disneyland Paris Hotel Enrance
Beautiful Disneyland Paris hotel, one of my favorite hotels in all the Disney parks.

Packing Tips:

  • Pack your snacks
    • Shockingly, Disneyland Paris did not have as much of a wide assortment of delicious treats as your typical Disney park. We recommend packing your own snacks to get you through the day then going back into Paris for another round of savory crepes.
    • Yes, I’m still shocked as I was expecting world’s greatest patisserie’s multiplied by Disney for a taste bud overload. Not to say that I can complain because I saved on the calories for once on a Disney trip, so happily delighted.
  • Wallet and Passport in Front Pockets
    • When getting on the train, put your wallet and passport in your front pockets of your pants for safe keeping while travelling on the lines.

We did not encounter any issues with pickpocketers or the sort (virtually knocking on wood) but just keep your wallets close when travelling in Paris. They are known to go unknown and there are many reports of those with quick knives that cut the straps off purses or backpacks. Don’t let this scare you, you will be fine as long as you stay aware of your belongings and surroundings – you’re smarter than you think. If you want more info, see this spotting and preventing pickpocketer’s guide from my friend Wolter’s World.

PS. I stood in the same spot as his video and got a photo of the Victoria tower with the Union Jack!! Don’t mind going out on this one “Speaking the King’s” when reviewing a park in Paris 🙂 #TravelersUnite!




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